Renowned for its strength and durability standing seam metal roofing is the most common metal roof style you will see. It called “standing seam” because these types of roofs have panels that run vertically up the roof with a raised interlocking seam that joins each panel. A Standing Seam Metal Roof installed by the metal roofing experts at Statewide Roofing goes one step further than a basic metal roof by ensuring that our skilled metal craftsmen use only the finest methods for the installation of your new roof.


We have our own Sheet Metal Shop to create your standing seam metal roofing. This gives us the ability to produce the sheet metal roofing system that is perfect for your needs and that is made to fit reducing waste and cost.

• Standing Seam metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and textures and designs
• Our high-performance paints ensure that your new roof has a very energy-efficient coating that will last decades, resists fading, and comes in an array of beautiful colors to compliment your home, garage, office, or commercial building
• Blind-fastening means that there are no unsightly bolts or fasteners visible for a clean, tailored look. This also ensures that there is nothing to catch snow, debris, or leaves on your roof and allows everything to easily slide off.
• Resists staining and streaking for years of consistent color perfection.
• Maintenance-free: Will not rot, crack or rust.

Commercial and residential metal roofs have been surging in popularity due to their durable and cost-effective life spans. With the sun beating down on a asphalt shingled roof it can not only destroy it but the heat that builds up in your attic makes it more difficult to cool the home. The spring storms in Oklahoma bring with them torrential downpours, hurricane force winds and hail big enough to destroy any roof that isn’t properly installed. With our wide range of weather conditions, Sheet metal roofing make an attractive addition to any commercial or industrial business or residential roofing system.