A regular roofing Inspection and Maintenance are vital for the continued health and longevity of your Residential or Commercial Roofing System. With Regular Inspections and Maintenance, you can often detect minor issues before they become a larger more expensive issue. If your area has a hail storm call Statewide Roofing for a Roofing Inspection. We can determine if your roof has damage, we can patch damage and help you with your insurance claim. 


Call us if you believe that your house has suffered storm damage. Statewide Roofing can advise you on the extent of your roof damage prior to speaking with your insurance agency. Turning in a claim with no damage can sometimes affect your insurance premiums, regardless of whether a  payment was made.  We believe our insurance experience is second to none; therefore, we will help guide you through the insurance process.

Statewide Roofing offers quality roof inspections from our team of certified professionals. Having your roof inspected gives valuable insight into the health of your roof. After a thorough inspection of the interior of the house, attic, the perimeter of the house, and an attached garage and rooftop,  our inspector will create a detailed report specifying any necessary repairs,  along with a reliable estimation of cost. Contact Statewide Roofing for a Roofing Inspection.

Guttering and Water Management

Properly functioning gutter systems will protect a home for many years when maintained seasonally.  Gutters tend to get clogged with debris and leaves, especially during the fall, which makes the spring the most important time to inspect them.  For example, clogged gutters cause water to pool in one area if the water can’t flow freely through the system, which may lead to much-added weight and causing the gutters to sag.  The overflow of water in this area may also cause more damage to the soffit, fascia boards, and foundation.

You can check the performance of your gutter system by waiting for a rainy day.  Take a look at the downspouts and ensure that water is emptying freely into the downspouts.  Also, check around the perimeter of the home for water emptying over the gutter.  If the downspout isn’t draining, and the water is leaking over the edges, you most likely need to spend some time clearing out your gutter system from debris. Ask us about Gutter Guards to keep your gutters clear from seasonal debris.

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