A Home Energy Audit is often the first step in making your home more efficient. An audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency.

The building envelope is the boundary between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. It has two key components: the air barrier and the insulation, which need to go completely around the house and be touching each other.

Building Envelope Inspection -Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit Oklahoma, Statewide RoofingThe home energy auditor you choose should check all three parts of the building envelope:

  • The integrity of the air barrier
  • Adequacy of insulation levels
  • Alignment of insulation with the air barrier

When insulation is installed without an air barrier, it won’t do its job. Most types of insulation do not stop air leakage, so one thing the energy auditor will do is look for proper alignment of the insulation and air barrier throughout the house. The energy auditor will also look for proper levels of insulation (wherever visible) and check for the existence of insulation behind walls. They’ll check the integrity of the air barrier in two ways: a visual inspection and a Thermal Image.

Moisture Inspection

Here are three things that cause buildings to fail more often than anything else:

  • rain
  • moisture
  • condensation- In other words, it’s water. A Home Energy Audit often look for moisture problems in your home and will help find the source so you can eliminate the problem. Most of the moisture problems originate from drainage issues on the outside of the house and should be solved on the outside (e.g., by fixing gutters that dump water at the foundation).

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging will also pick up the existence of mold and can possibly detect heat from faulty or overloaded wiring. In which case we will advise you to contact a licensed electrician without delay for your safety.

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