Hail Damage in Edmond Oklahoma

With over 20 years of experience serving Edmond and Northern Oklahoma Statewide Roofing are you Edmond Roofing Company. Edmond and North Oklahoma City received a heavy thunderstorm this afternoon which had large damaging hail.  Hail can cause major damage to a shingle roof. Here are the signs to look for if you suspect your roof may have roofing damage.

1. Asphalt granules in the gutter

This is one of the biggest signs of severe hail damage. Chunks of hail can knock loose the asphalt in your shingles, which then run down into your gutters. If you have wood shingles, you may find splinters or shards of wood. Missing granules leave your roof exposed to the elements, which results in leaks if it rains or snows. Broken pieces of roofing material near downspouts are a telltale sign of roofing damage.

2. Shingle bruising

Bruising is a lot like denting, but smaller. You should be able to see a soft spot on the shingle that feels like the bruise on an apple. If the hail that fell was about an inch in diameter, the depressions will be about an inch in diameter. If the hail that fell was larger, the depressions will be larger. If left unrepaired this sort of damage can lead to a failure of the roofing system and allow water to enter the roofing envelope leading to rot and mold and other water and structural damage.

3. Circular cracks

When hail storms are extremely strong and break through the granules, they can leave behind circular cracks. These cracks will allow water to seep through your shingles to the under layers of your roof. Cracks that are vertically or horizontally orientated are generally from normal wear to your roof, and not from hail storm damage. If hail caused the cracks, they will be more circular.

4. Other areas are damaged

An easy way to check for bad hail damage is to look at what else was affected by the storm. If your fences have holes, your gutters are bent, your HVAC or A/C units are dented, then your roof needs to be inspected.

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Hail Damage Edmond Oklahoma