Statewide Roofing installs Guttering and Water management systems in Oklahoma. Continuous Guttering, also known as Seamless Guttering,  or “Seamless Gutters,” is nationally recognized as the most popular form of guttering. Seventy-five percent of all guttering installed throughout the nation is continuous.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters Continuous Guttering

  • Made to fit: Seamless gutters are measured and made on-site to fit your property perfectly well. This ensures that the gutters serve you for years requiring little or no maintenance and offer you the best possible protection to the structure.
  • Aesthetics: Seamless gutters look much better than sectional gutters with all the joints and fasteners. They protect the aesthetic appeal of the property.
  • Less maintenance: Seamless gutters require much less cleaning and maintenance compared to the sectional gutters. Gutters with joints are usually prone to debris accumulation. Leaves, twigs, and other such things accumulate in the gutters and may clog them. There are other problems that accompany this debris.
  • No leakages: Seamless gutters have fasteners and joints only at the corners and downspouts. This streamlined construction minimizes leaks and requires much less maintenance. Due to the absence of joints and seals that can erode or gather debris, seamless gutters offer far better protection to the property.
  • Color Selection: Seamless gutters come in a variety of colors to best match the exterior of your property. Seamless gutters come with baked on enamel finish, which saves you from having to maintain the color.
  • Material Variety: Seamless gutters are available in a variety of materials. From aluminum to copper and steel there are various materials in which seamless gutters are available to suit your needs.

Why Continuous Guttering

Foundation Problems

Over time, water that is not properly dispersed from your roof can be harmful to your home’s foundation. A professionally designed and installed gutter system will safely direct the water runoff away from your home, potentially saving you thousands in foundation repairs.

Landscaping Damage

Flowers and plants that are planted below a un- guttered roof line are not only susceptible to damage but also can allow the harmful fungus to develop. Unwanted critters such as termites can also be attracted to these areas. Continuous Guttering over these areas will give extra protection to all landscapes.


Water that falls from the roof and hits the ground pools up and causes the water continues to fall, to splash up and hit your brick, siding, stucco, etc.. Depending on how long the stains sit on the exterior determines whether or not the stain can be fully removed. You can pay someone to come and remove the stains, but this can be costly.

Decorative Appeal

When a person thinks of gutters they don’t normally think of them as being attractive or appealing, however, the right gutter system can add beauty and accent to any home. There are a variety of colors, profiles, sizes, and materials that are available when designing a gutter system. We’ll help you choose the right system for your home.

Gutter Guards

Are you considering new guttering for your house? Look around, do you have large trees that can clog your gutters with leaves each year. If so you should consider a gutter protection system. Ask us about Gutter Guards.The gutters on your home serve an important function by protecting it from water damage caused by overflowing rain. When your gutters become clogged with debris, they’re unable to move this water safely away from your home. They might also start to sag and pull away from your roof, which can increase the risk of serious water damage that could end up causing rot, mold growth or structural damage. If you have trouble keeping your gutters clean, gutter guards provide a convenient and safe way to do so. Minimize the need to climb on your roof to check your gutters. Ask us about Gutter Guards


Fine-mesh gutter guards (also called “micro-mesh” gutter filters or screens) are placed across the tops of gutters to keep gutters clear. They employ sieve-like mesh panels or screens to separate leaves and roof debris from rainwater. These gutter guards are much more effective than the common gutter screening. Their mesh is super-fine—typically 50 microns, which is small enough to capture sand. Compared to other gutter-guard technologies, fine-mesh gutter screens perform very high. They reject nearly all roof debris while also capturing most of the water. Although fine-mesh gutter guards are much more expensive than standard gutter screens, gutter brush inserts, and gutter foam inserts, they are comparable or lower priced than solid-top gutter guards and have long if not lifetime guarantees.

Gutter Covers

This type of gutter system typically has a solid cover that tucks up under the shingles along its top edge and clips or fastens to the gutter’s outer lip along its lower edge. Most have a “reverse curve” nosing that rolls back into the gutter. When water pours down the roof, it crosses the top of the cover, clings to the nosing through “surface adhesion,” and then flows into the gutter. Water may enter the gutter through a long slot or perforations under the nosing. Leaves and debris float across the surface but separate from the flow at the slot or perforations and fall to the ground.