Statewide Roofing the A+ BBB Rated Oklahoma Commercial Roofing company offers a wide range of Commercial Roofing Services. We are certified in most major roofing systems and has highly trained commercial estimators on staff.  We can accurately bid projects regardless of the size or scope of work. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in being able to coordinate a project with various other contractors on a construction site in order to see the project through to completion, while being as safe and efficient as possible. We are the industry leaders in Commercial Roofing Services for all of your roofing needs.


Our commercial roofing specialists install roofs on businesses, industrial complexes, office buildings, school facilities, apartment buildings, condos, and more. We will get the job done right and do our best to present you with the best customer service experience possible. Our work is not only quality but also trustworthy. Our highly trained professionals will examine each project and present you with options to get the work done.

Statewide Roofing offers a full range of Commercial Roofing Services in Oklahoma. Occasionally, commercial roofs have reached an offer where the cost and effectiveness of doing repairs will out-weigh the value of total replacement. In these cases, it is our goal to educate the business on exactly what the problems are, and ultimately find the best solution for their particular needs. Statewide Roofing takes a lot of pride in correctly diagnosing problems in order to create effective solutions

Commercial Maintenance

Simple maintenance is a vital part of Commercial Roofing Serviceswhich can preserve and even sometimes extend the life of an existing roofing system. Bi-annual inspections can reveal potential issues before they become problems (i.e. standing water, debris, clogged drains, and scuppers). Simple cleaning and small repairs can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems

Emergency Services

Statewide Roofing understands the stress property owners undergo after a natural disaster such as a tornado or severe hailstorm.  Our goal is to be a trusted resource for disaster recovery and to give the peace of mind that you deserve after a  storm. Our full range of Commercial Roofing Services will assist you with all of your emergency roofing needs in Oklahoma.

Pre-claim Inspections

Call us if you believe that your property has suffered storm damage. Statewide Roofing can advise you on the extent of your roof damage prior to speaking with your insurance agency. Turning in a claim with no damage can sometimes affect your insurance premiums, regardless of whether a  payment was made.  We believe our insurance experience is second to none; therefore, we will help guide you through the insurance process.

For all your Commercial Roofing Services call Statewide Roofing we offer 24-hour emergency services and have the experience you can count on.