Emergency Roof Repair: What to Expect and How to Handle it

Emergency Roof Repair: What to Expect and How to Handle it

August 29, 2023

Damage to your home can be overwhelming, especially when you need emergency roof repair. Having a severely damaged roof can put your whole property at risk, too. 

When roof repair becomes an immediate need to keep your home safe, it can be hard to know where to start. In this guide, we’ll break down some common emergency roof repairs, what to expect, how to handle them, and how to get the repairs you need as soon as possible!

What Qualifies as Emergency Roof Repair?

If your roof is damaged, you may be unsure if your repairs are actually cause for an emergency. Typically, emergencies result from a lack of maintenance, ignored damage, and severe weather damage. We classify an emergency as any damage to your roof that poses a threat to the safety of your building. Here are a few things that may qualify as roof repair emergencies:

Hail Damage

Hail is all too common in the midwest, and it can do some serious damage to your roof. Depending on the size of the hail, a decent hailstorm can cause quite a bit of damage to your roof.

If you notice any severe leaking or visible damage to your roof like shingle warping, missing shingles, or noticeable damage that could compromise the rest of your building, you may have an emergency repair on your hands.

Damage from Neglect or Lack of Maintenance

Routine inspections and maintenance are key for keeping your roof in good shape and ensuring it lasts as long as possible. Missing a few inspections, not getting them at all, and neglecting to maintain your roof can cause you to miss minor damages that can turn into major issues over time.

If your roof is compromised from lack of maintenance and inspections, schedule an inspection as soon as possible to find out if you need immediate repairs.

Tree or Debris Damage

Any weather events that cause high winds are almost guaranteed to blow debris into your roof. This can loosen shingles and damage other elements of your roof. In severe cases, large branches and even entire trees can blow over and cause serious problems for your roof and home.

Visible Light in Your Attic

If you have an unfinished attic and think your roof might have damage, light coming in through your roof may be an indicator. This isn’t always the case as light can enter through vents or solar tubes, but always call a professional if you notice anything concerning. 

If you don’t have any light in your attic, keep an eye out for damp, soft wood or other signs of water damage. These can also indicate that your roof has serious damage.

Pest Damage

Mice, termites, squirrels, and more can all turn your roof and attic into their own cozy home. These pests can chew on wood, wiring, insulation, and more, all of which can cause damage to various parts of your home.

A professional roofer can assess the damage and ensure you get the proper pest control and repairs you need.

Water Damage

While roofs are on the outside of your house, only some parts of it are meant to get wet. Water damage is one of the most common yet most ignored forms of roof damage. Heavy rain or snow that sits atop your roof can let water seep into it. This can also happen easier if your roof is older. When water gets where it isn’t supposed to be, you run the risk of structural damage, mildew, and mold in your home or building.

Fire Damage

Fires are destructive, and your roof is no exception when it comes to the damage it can do. Lightning strikes and house fires that start from the inside can both damage your roof and make it unsafe for your home.

How to Handle an Emergency Roof Repair Situation

Any large-scale damage to your home is stressful, and you might feel like there is nothing you can do about it but wait for the professionals to come fix your problems. But, there are some steps you can take to minimize the stress and help protect your property while you’re waiting to hear back from insurance and your roofing company.

  1. Document all of the damage: Take photos and write down all of the details about the damage such as when it occurred or was discovered, how it happened, and any steps for repair you’ve taken on your own. This is essential for working with insurance.
  2. Contain the damage: There are a few temporary measures you can take to help prevent damage from getting worse depending on the damage you have. This is most common for water-related damages. You can place tarps over any areas of your roof that are leaking, apply a temporary roofing submit in any holes or cracks, and use budgets or trash cans to collect any leaking water inside your building. These temporary fixes can give you a little peace of mind while you’re waiting to get your repairs. Be careful! Do not climb on your roof if it is unsafe to do so.
  3. Schedule your repairs as soon as possible: Don’t wait to get your repairs done. If you’ve been living with roofing issues for a while, it may seem like no big deal to wait a little longer before getting repairs, but that’s not the case. If you damage is causing noticeable problems in your building, that means you are likely overdue for repair in the first place.
  4. Choose a trustworthy roofing company: Working with a roofing company that is professional and knowledgeable can make the difference between a good roof repair experience and a bad one. A good roofing company will be able to help you understand the whole repair process and reassure you that you are in good hands. Read customer reviews, take a look at their previous work, and choose a company that values transparency and good customer service.


Emergency roof repair can happen, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. Understanding what constitutes an emergency and taking steps to get the repairs you need is essential. By tackling serious damages early on, you can keep your business, property, or home safe.

Above all, don’t hesitate to get professional help from a reputable roofing company, keep up with your inspections and maintenance, and don’t let damages go unfixed!

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