Vinyl Windows

Vinyl WindowsVinyl Windows

Statewide Roofing offers a full range of Vinyl Window Products and Accessories all expertly installed. All of our windows can be financed using our flexible financing options. Replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient models can really pay off in both aesthetic appeal and utility savings.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of windows in home design, not least because they have an impact on both the interior and exterior of a home. And this is one upgrade where it’s important to spring for a well-constructed product. Quality windows carry a higher initial cost and are a considerable investment, but over time they can offer significant payback in terms of improved aesthetics and energy savings.

High-performance window glass, energy-efficient windows can reduce the transfer of heat by as much as 65 percent. That means that energy-efficient windows can help your home maintain a comfortable temperature, which translates into a reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Reasons to Replace Windows 

Mechanical Failures – If your windows are not operating correctly you should consider replacing them. Newer windows are much more durable and many come with a LIFETIME warranty on all moving parts.

Energy Efficiency – Over the years windows have become more energy efficient with advancements in Low-E technology. Replacing your windows could lower your energy bills.

Beauty – Replacement windows come in many styles and colors. They could add that perfect aesthetic touch you have been looking for.

Easy to Clean – Windows with tilt-in sashes are much easier to clean.

Maintenance Free – No scraping and painting of wood frame

Noise Reduction – Double and triple pane glass, Low E coatings, Argon, Krypton gas and modern weather stripping all contribute to a quieter home when you have your windows replaced. For those high traffic or city areas, laminated glass can dramatically reduce sound transmission through your windows.

Safety – Tempered or safety glass provides protection in high traffic and high hazard areas where there is a danger of falling through the glass or glass breakage. For the ultimate in security protection, laminated glass can prevent or reduce the chance of break-ins and eliminate the need for security bars.

UV Protection – Replacement windows can even offer UV Protection for your home.

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