Roofing Repair

Step 1.

Do You Have A Roofing Emergency?

Statewide Roofing understands the stress a homeowner can feel after a natural disaster such as a tornado or severe hailstorm.  Our goal is to be a trusted resource for disaster recovery and to allow you the peace of mind you deserve after a  storm. Should a storm cause damage after hours you can rest assured that Statewide Roofing has 24/7 live agent support. We also have an emergency call out service to cover and protect your roof to prevent additional damage to the interior of your home.

Call Statewide Roofing 24/7 Live Agent (405) 790-0109

Step 2.

After the Storm – Do you Have Roofing Damage?

Call us to determine the extent of your roof damage and help you decide whether you have a legitimate claim with your insurance company. Turning a claim in with no damage can sometimes affect your insurance premiums regardless of whether a  payment was made.  We believe our insurance experience is second to none and will help guide you through the insurance process.

WARNING: Do Not Climb on your Roof if you are Unsteady on a Ladder

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